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Runners United Running Drills for Athletes.

Updated: Apr 11

The Complete Speed and Conditioning Program! Become a Superstar Athlete!

Hi! Coach Austin Here.

Thanks for checking out my speed and conditioning program.

I learned this program while training and coaching for Coach Nate Wilford in his highly successful track club which had a Rio Olympian in the Triple Jump.

A big 12 champ and Pac 12 Champ. ​This program is hard and considered advanced so try at your own discretion. \.​Good luck!

1. Rear Leg Cycle

​Run with High Knees and Butt kickers at the same time. Use good arm action and run with good posture.

​2. A-Skips

​Imagine you’re skipping and doing high knees at the same time. Land with your leg straight and cycle your legs. As always use good arm action and keep upright posture.

Do 3 Sets for 30 meters as part of the jump series.

3. Single action pony

Start with right leg one set then left leg for the next set.

Start by bringing your left arm back in a sprint arm action. At the same time bring your left leg up and then jump up at the same time bring your right leg up and left arm back and repeat. When you land don’t have your leg go directly down to the ground with your knee bent but bring your leg straight and do a mini cycle. “Like how a triple jump jumps” 

4. Bounding

Start by pretending like you are on lava and you have to jump from rock to rock. Raise your knees as high as you can each jump. Use good arm action for each jump. Also land flat on your foot each jump then extend leg on your toe as far as you can.

Do 3 Bounds 30 meters each rep as part of the jump series.

5. Single Leg Stair Hops

​Jump up each leg 7 sets each leg. Land with your foot flat on the ground and extend from there. Use quick and strong arm action for momentum.

Finish the Workout with 4 forties and 3 60 meter sprints.

Don’t forget to implement what you learned in the drills like high knees. A good upright posture(except in the drive phase) and strong arm action.

If you found this blog post useful and would like to support my E-book (The Top Exercises for Athletes) is only 10 dollars. (Also comes with a free Home Workout Program). Text the number below to order on Venmo or Cash app.

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