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Get Fit At Home Now!

Updated: May 10

 You still may want to skip the gym during Covid.. Even if your vaccinated you still run the chance of catching it and the gym is the perfect place to do so. Fitness is a priority, even without the gym you need to find ways to stay in shape.

Here's a simple workout program created by certified personal trainer (International Sports Sciences Association) Coach Austin with minimal equipment you  can do at home anytime.

​Coach Austin recommends focusing on movement basics, Like Bodyweight Squats, Lunges, Push-ups and Planks. He recommends you add a weighted vest when the workouts become easier to continue to  make progress. You can do the workouts 4 times a week alternating workouts each time.

New Post/Update 1/18/2023


Hi Everyone thanks for following. A quick update I’m going to be posting my own fitness journey on Instagram Live and saving the videos to my profile. Find my Instagram on my home page. Should be some good workouts on there ..

Here’s the New Post…

Low impact workout program

Wall Push-Ups 4 sets of 25 reps

​TRX Rows/Squats 3 sets of 20 reps

​Knee Push-ups 3 sets of 10 reps

​Planks 3 sets of 30 seconds

​Air Squats 3 sets of 12 reps

​Crunches 3 sets of 15 reps

​Leg Lifts 3 sets of 10 reps

Walking 20 minutes 

​Rebounder 20 minutes

Here’s a low impact workout you can do 3-5 days a week with little to no equipment. A simple rebounder or trampoline costs 50 dollars. And a TRX can be put on your door frame for little to no money.

If you’re a beginner or overweight try this workout first.

Part two 

Workout 1 HIT Training Workout

​Do each exercise for 1 Minute each. Then repeat for 4 circuits total.

1. Reverse Sit-Ups W/ Stability Ball. -Squeeze core as you are tucking your legs to your center.

2.Push-ups w/ Stability Ball. -Tighten your core and squeeze your upper back together on the way down of the push-ups. Use a medium to wide hand placement for the push-up.

3. Tuck-Jumps. -Jump up and down and bring your legs to your chest or as high as you can. Swing your arms back as you jump up for momentum.

​4. Twisties. - Move your body forward using only your hips and core. Stay off your toes and flat on your feet. Use a good sprinters arm action for momentum.

​5. Jump rope. -Keep feet together and perform standard jump rope.


Kettle Bell Workout

Do each exercise for 1 minute then repeat for 4 total circuits.

1.Kettle Bell Deadlifts

    - Use a Medium Stance and with 2 hands lift the weight. Make sure you have good athletic posture with no bends in your back. When lowering the weight push your glutes back.

2.Kettle Bell Swings.

    - Start by swinging the weight with one arm and snap your hips forward to use momentum.

3. Push-ups

    -Use medium arm position and squeeze your upper back together on the way down. Also, keep your core tight.

Covid Home Workout Program Part 3

December 8th, 2022

Coach Austin

It’s all about finding workouts and exercises you can do with little to no equipment. Like I said in my first post you may want to skip  the gym during Covid! That’s why I wrote this program.  To offer free Online Personal Training to as many people as possible! That’s our business model. Fitness should be accessible to low income individuals and hiring a Certified Personal Training for some is out of the question.

Even with the need and want to learn some people just can’t afford it! That’s where I come in! By offering my Fitness App and Blog for free I can build my Online, Group, and E-Book sales from people who like me and can afford it!

Ok Let’s get into the workout!

3 Phase Push-Ups! Close Stance, (Diamond Push-ups) Medium, and Wide Hand Position Push-Ups. 

3-5 Sets of 25 Reps

Planks! 5 Sets of 1 Minute Each Set.

Side Planks! 3 Sets of 1 Minute Each Set.

Burbees! 3-5 Sets of 25 Reps.

Jump Squats. 3-5 Sets of 15 Reps.

Jump Lunges. 3-5 Sets of 15 Reps Each Leg.

There you have it!

A great workout you can do to stay or get in shape during Covid! Don't make any excuses and make it happen!

You can also add a regular walking or running program to this program. 

If you interested in supporting my Blog I have an E-book the Top Exercises for Athletes. It's only 10 dollars.

If you are in the Baltimore Maryland area I have  small group training classes available for only 35 dollars a session outside at Druid Hills Park. Call or Text. 253.882.6385

Advertisement: Get your website designed by Pros! Call or Text 253.882.6385

-Coach Austin

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